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Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic

International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM)

The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) is the leading forum and educational resource for veterinary professionals interested in animal pain prevention, management and treatment.


IVAPM was originally founded in 2001 as the Companion Animal Pain Management Consortium. Founded by Michael McFarland, Bill Tranquilli, Jamie Gaynor,  Charlie Short and was led by Pete Hellyer.


Animal pain management continues to be a rapidly expanding field, and IVAPM's goal is to stay as up to date with this rapidly evolving field. As treatment options grow, IVAPM seeks to combine the traditional and medicinal modalities of pain management with complimentary treatments. These treatments include, but are not limited to, acupuncture, rehabilitation and physical therapy.


The work done at IVAPM is guided by our priorities that make sure our work is always on track and moving forward.

One of our main priorities is educating the veterinary community to recognize and treat pain in all animal species. No matter the animal we are hear to provide knowledge and help. We also recognize that treating pain in animals requires an interdisciplinary approach, and because of this we are inclusive by design. If you are in the position to help animals with their pain, then we are here for you.

Next, we encourage and support an area of open communication. Our members freely communicate and exchange information so that our group as a whole is as knowledgeable as possible. The more one person knows, the more everyone knows. Not only do we provide information to our doctors, but we also promote instruction for all veterinary students. We are currently working on having a student chapter at every veterinary teaching institution.


As a member of IVAPM you have access to a lot of resources and information that make being a member worth while. You will have access to the latest pain management research and developments to make sure that you are always one step ahead of the field. You will receive strategies to expand pain management services in your practice. Members have real time consultation with other professionals through our Members-Only Forum. On top of that you will start your journey to becoming a Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner. As a member, you have all the tools to be the best doctor or practitioner in your area!