Services Available at Our Clinic

Wellness and Preventive Medicine
Yearly physical exams are recommended by our veterinarians, along with appropriate vaccine protocols designed specifically for your pet's needs. Annual blood work is also recommended to establish baselines for your pet and to track their wellness over their lifespan. To see a description of the blood tests that are included in our wellness blood profiles, click here.

Small Animal and Exotic Animal Surgical Services
All routine surgical procedures are performed on-site. This includes spaying, neutering, exploratory surgery, traumatic injury repair, orthopedic surgeries, etc.  A surgical specialist or board certified orthopaedic surgeon can be called in if this is required.

Monitoring Devices for Surgery
Our facility is completely outfitted with specialty monitors like an ECG machine (to assess the heart), a pulse oximeter (to measure oxygenation and heart rate), a Doppler (to measure blood pressure) and Registered Veterinary Technicians who are constantly monitoring your pet's anesthetic to ensure that each surgical procedure is as safe as possible.

Medical Services
We offer services in internal medicine, dermatology, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, ophthalmology, hematology, oncology, neurology, parasitology, reproduction, genetics, toxicology, and zoonotic diseases.

Dental care services are available for your pet ranging from special dental diets and/or education on brushing your pet's teeth to dental cleaning and polishing. Our veterinarians are trained in dental extractions and our Registered Veterinary Technicians can perform dental x-rays should these services be necessary. We are one of a small percentage of veterinary clinics that have a digital dental x-ray machine, which increases both safety and speed when performing dental procedures on your pet.

Laboratory Procedures
We perform in-house blood glucose screening for our diabetic patients, urinalysis testing, fecal smears, gram stains, ear cytology, and skin cytology assessment. All other diagnostic testing is performed by Idexx Laboratories in Markham which provides us with results within 24 hours for most tests. We can also receive STAT results in less than four hours if necessary.

Digital Radiology
Our in-house x-ray equipment gives us the ability to quickly assess the status of any musculo-skeletal, abdominal, thoracic or neurological problems that may be affecting your pet.

Microchipping has become a popular method of identification for your pet, it is an easy procedure and much more simple to track than a tattoo. At the clinic you can choose to have microchipping done when your pet is in for their spay or neuter, but the microchip can be inserted at any time. The implantation procedure is no more painful than a vaccination and is usually done in the exam room. The microchip is implanted under the skin usually between the shoulder blades.  

Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging diagnostic procedure. We have access to ultrasound specialists that will travel to our clinic with their state of the art ultrasound so that this procedure can be performed comfortably and conveniently for your pet.

Weight Counseling and Nutrition
There are many specialized diets available to meet the needs of your pet, including those which can enable your pet to reach and maintain their optimum healthy weight. MediCal diets incorporate the most recent research in their diets to help pets feel more satisfied while losing weight. Our Registered Veterinary Technicians will happily arrange a free consultation to discuss a diet plan for your pet.

Puppies, kittens and young exotic pets require special care, and our team is trained to advise you on their special needs.

Senior Wellness Programs
A senior pet is classified as a pet older than 7 years of age, and have special nutritional and medical requirements. During a senior pet consultation, special diets designed to rest the kidney and liver and mazimize lifespan may be recommended, as well as blood work to establish if any concerns should be proactively addressed. The early detection of problems can improve the outcome for your pet.

Grief Counselling
Compassionate and humane euthanasia of your pet is sometimes necessary. We strive to make this procedure as gentle as possible on both you and your pet. Additional support in the form of children's books or regional support groups is available.

New Pet Counseling
When you are introducing a new pet into your home there is a lot of information to be shared with you. This includes recommendation on diet, vaccination requirements, behavioural counseling and preventative medicine etc. Our team will spend the necessary time with you to ensure that everything gets off to a good start.

Exotic Animal Medicine
Our clinic strives to provide all animals with the best possible health care and that includes exotic pets. Our staff is well trained and very experienced in the care of exotic animals. We also provide medical care to the animals at the Bowmanville Zoo, and are a triage centre for the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

Physical Therapy 
We are happy to offer small animal physical therapy to our patients. Our Registered Veterinary Technicians have had special training in small animal physical therapy, and we now have a fully equipped physical therapy room which includes cavalletis, a physio-ball and a TENS system. Physical therapy has made a big difference in the comfort of our patients with osteoarthritis, post surgical pain, stiffness, soft tissue injuries, etc. Together, our veterinarian and Registered Veterinary Technician will devise a customized physical therapy program for your pet.

Behavioural Consultations
Behavioural consults are available through our clinic in areas such as aggression, separation anxiety, unwanted puppy behaviours, or other behaviour issues with your pet. Referral to a specialist in behavioral problems is also an option if the concerns are complicated. 

Wildlife Rehabilitation
Our clinic is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources as wildlife custodians. This allows us to take in and care for orphaned or injured wildlife. This includes animals such as birds and small mammals (rabbits, squirrels, etc.). We please ask that anyone who has found an abandoned or injured animal, to call our clinic before disturbing or feeding them. Please remember that a baby animal or bird that looks orphaned may not always be in that situation, since their mothers do need to go off for certain amounts of time to forage for food.

Farley Foundation
Each year our clinic raises funds through different activites for the Farley Foundation. This is a charitable organization that can provide funding to those under certain circumstances if their pet were to need emergency veterinary care. Bake sales, pumpkins at Halloween and book sales are just a few of the activities that have helped to raise funds, and of course any donations made are always appreciated. Please call us if you require any further information.

We offer boarding for our patients. For their safety and the safety of other pets in our care we do require that all pets have up to date vaccinations.  When left in our care your pet is treated like they were our own. We have a beautiful, grassy, park like setting to walk your pet. We ensure all of your pets needs are fulfilled, including lots of hugs.