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Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV)

Bunny with AEMV logo.
Bunny with AEMV logo.


The Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and surgical care for exotic companion mammals.

Established in 2000, AEMV is an international association boasting over 900 members all brought together by the desire to advance the field of exotic mammal veterinary medicine. The Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians accomplishes this by establishing a platform for leaders in the field to communicate, collaborate, and educate. AEMV publishes its own scientific journal, Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, and hosts annual continuing education conferences.

In addition to connecting professionals, The Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians established the AEMV Research Fund to promote research that leads to advances and improvements in exotic mammal veterinary care. AEMV gives multiple $5,000 grants to top veterinary institutions across the world to empower veterinarians to push the boundaries of their fields and improve the lives of their patients. AEMV is a unique and active community dedicated to the treatment of exotic companion mammals.

How to Join:

For more information or to join the AEMV, please visit: