Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic

2826 HWY 2
Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K5


Wildlife Triage


Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic's most significant community commitment is the provision of voluntary veterinary care for local sick or injured wildlife. Approximately 175 wildlife cases are seen per year, at no charge, from throughout the Clarington and Durham regions.  The clinic acts primarily as a triage center, and although some cases are euthanized for humane reasons, a large percentage are stabilized and then transferred to long-term rehabilitation centers.  A number of wildlife juveniles are hand- raised and then rehabilitated back to the wild by the Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic team every year.  All wildlife that arrives is examined by a veterinarian, and treatment protocols, x-rays, blood tests and fecal exams are provided as needed. Several very dedicated volunteer drivers help with the transportation of the wildlife to the long term care centers.  

Although we provide the care to the injured wildlife we are always looking for volunteer drivers to take them to their long term rehabilitation facility. We deal primarily with Shades of Hope in Pefferlaw ON and Sandy Pines in Napanee ON. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver please contact the clinic..."Many Hands Make Light Work".  



Below are some of the over several hundred wildlife patients we have treated.


Opossum - although not common in Canada due to cold winter temperatures, this young Opossum was found weak and shivering in a ravine in November.


Osprey - here one of our veterinarians assesses wing function in a young Osprey.


Peregrine Falcon - this Falcon was found in a driveway with a badly  broken wing.

Saw-Whet - this full grown owl has vision damage from being hit by a car.






Ducklings - these little ducks were orphaned and hand raised by clinic staff.


Short Eared Owl - this owl was found in a parking lot stunned and cold.


Gold Finch- this cute little bird was found slightly injured.

Racoon - look closely and you will see a very "well fed" racoon. 











Horned Owl - this beautiful yet fierce owl was found in the snow with an injured wing. 

Opossum - this is a baby  opossum who does not yet have any teeth making him a little safer to handle.

Squirrel - this infant black squirrel was found abandoned and would certainly not have survived if not brought to us. 

Rabbit - this wild rabbit was found in a neighbourhood yard and was orphaned and in need of our care.  









Marten - This unusual little creature was found wandering on a busy highway in search of some food. Luckily a good samaritan brought it to us for care. 

Black Capped Chickadee - This small little bird was brought to us briefly to be examined before being transported to the wildlife centre for full rehabilitation. 

Red Squirrels - these young squirrels were found orphaned, they were approxiamately 3 weeks old when they came to us. 

Robin - This fledgling robin was brought to us orphaned and needed some more care before he could fly off on his own! 









Canada Goose - found injured this goose was brought to us for assessment then sent onto the wildlife centre for full rehabilitation 

Whip-poor-will - this very interesting bird was found in someones yard then brought into us for care.