The standard colour for sugar gliders is platinum grey with a cream coloured underside, although they are being bred in a variety of colours.  The fur is a velvety texture and they have a black longitudal dorsal stripe extending from between the eyes to the tail.  This stripe is noted as being slightly thinner in females.

Lifespan: 4-7 years in the wild and 12-15 years in captivity

Body Length: 13-19cm or 5-7.5 inches

Weight   Males: 113-170g        Females: 85-142g

Temperature: 32-36C

Heart Rate: 200-300 beats/min

Respiratory Rate: 16-40 breaths/min

Males will reach sexual maturity at 12-15 months while females will reach it at 8-12 months.  Average litter size is 1-2 Joeys with the majority of females giving birth to 2 offspring, sugar gliders can reproduce for up to ten years.  

Gestation: 15-17 days    In Pouch: 50-75 days    Wean: 35-60 days

The gliding membrane extends from the ankles to the 5th membrane of the forepaws.  Sugar gliders are capable of gliding for up to 200 feet, given the proper altitudes.  Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals and therefore have excellent night vision; also the make-up of their eye allows them to see in shades of grey and the colour red.  Sugar gliders will become inactive if their nails are clipped because they can no longer grab onto things and they have a natural fear of falling.  Thus it is recommended that you file the nails to a length that is not irritating to the owner yet still allows the gliders to grasp onto objects