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Degus are usually scooped up with two hands.  They may be scruffed or held in an encircling grip for examination.  Grasping by the tail should be avoided, as tail degloving easily occurs requiring amputation of the tail.  Degus readily learn to step into a net, so this method can also be used. 

Editors note: tail degloving involves stripping of the skin of the tail away from the muscle and bone of the tail.



Degus reach puberty at a later age than many rodents.  Breeding should begin when the female is 4-9 months of age and body weight is below 250 g.  In spite of their long gestation, degus are not born as fully developed as one would expect.  The young are born with sparse fur and their eyes open around day 3.  both parents huddle over the litter to keep them warm.  The pups lie on their backs to suckle while the mother lies on top of them.  Pups nurse for about 25 minutes.  Male degus participate in raising the pups, so the pair must stay together for successful breeding to take place.


Edited by Susan Horton, DVM