Making Crickets and Mealworms More Nutritional for your Insectivorous Pet

In order to make the feeding of crickets or mealworms most nutritionally beneficial for your reptile, a technique to “gut load” them has been devised.

  1. Place crickets/mealworms in an aquarium with an empty cardboard egg carton in it for them to crawl in.

  2. On the bottom of the aquarium sprinkle a small volume of Repashy “Superload” insect gut load formula for the crickets/mealworms to feast upon.

  3. Place a couple of slices of fresh sweet potato or yam which will act as a moisture source and add additional vitamins.

  4. Allow the crickets/mealworms about 12 hours to “gut load”. Dust them with Rapashy “Calcium Plus” and them immediatley feed a meal-sized number to your reptile.

Insects must be consumed within 3-4 hours or they will defecate out their gut-loading benefits. Any crickets not eaten should be removed and reused/gut-loaded for the next meal.