Life Span: 2-3 years

Environment Temperature Range: 65F- 80F

Relative Humidity Range: 40 - 70%

Breeding Range: 10 - 14 Months (male) -- 6-10 months (female)

Gestation Period: 15 - 16 days

Litter Size: 5 - 10

Weaning Age:  21-25 days

Hamsters are peculiar little rodents with large cheek pouches and short stubby tails.

The three basic groups that now exist include the common “golden” hamster, colored shorthaired “fancy” hamster and longhaired “teddy bear” hamster. All three varieties are popular as pets, while the research community generally employs the basic golden hamster.

 On occasion, one may encounter other species of hamsters, but these are much less common than the Syrian hamster. The smaller, dark brown Chinese hamster (dwarf hamster) is often used in biomedical research, and they are sometimes acquired as pets. These hamsters are recognized for their small size, dark brown color and black stripes over their backs. The Armenian (grey) hamster and European hamster are two other species occasionally used in research, but seldom kept as pets.