Dr. Wendy Korver

I knew at 3 years of age that I wanted to be a veterinarian. As I got older, I would always bring various animals home to nurse back to health. My personal favorite was a pigeon named Beau that I raised from a squab, and eventually released back out into the wild (this made my mom very happy since Beau spent a lot of time perched on our basketball net waiting for me to come home from school, and as a result our patio required regular hosing). In the picture above I am holding Phoebe, one of our clinic cats. If you look carefully you will see that she is missing her left foreleg. She became our clinic cat when she arrived as a kitten needing an amputation since a wild animal had attacked her. You likely won't see much of her since she is shy with strangers, but she just loves playing with our co-op students and hanging out on her blanket on top of our stacks of towels in the treatment room.

I arrived at Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic as a fresh new veterinary graduate in 1987, and loved it so much I ended up staying, first as an associate veterinarian, then as a partner in 1993, and now since 2009, as owner of this lovely establishment! I am also a Research Associate at Trent University, which allows me to oversee graduate students.

My goal with every patient and every client that comes to Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic is to make them as comfortable as possible under the circumstances they are in. Coming to the vet clinic can be stressful for both patient and client, and our entire team is focussed on creating a fear free environment for your pet and a comfortable environment for you. We welcome "treat visits" where you bring your pet in just for some treats (and you can have a coffee or tea!). We find this makes actual vet clinic appointments a much more enjoyable experience for all involved, since your pet knows that coming to the clinic means tasty treats!

Our clinic mantra is "Excellence in Care for Pets and Their Families". Our top priorities are transparent client communication, and high quality compassionate veterinary care for your pet. We have rounds every day, and regularly have clinic meetings and attend conferences in order to update ourselves on the latest information available in veterinary medicine. Our clinic is also a member of the Veterinary Information Network, which allows us to get input from veterinary specialists from around the world on the most up to date treatments for your pet.

I consider myself a very lucky person. Not only do I get to work with a wide variety of incredible animals each day, but I work with the most amazing and caring team of people that anyone could ever ask for. In my spare time, I love cooking and spending time with my family. I am currently between dogs but am looking forward to finding a new canine friend soon!

Please never hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns.