Dr. Vanessa Tonn

Growing up in Kamloops, British Columbia, I was always that kid who loved animals; there was never a barn cat or   a stray dog that I didn’t want to (and sometimes try to) bring home. I had always considered veterinary medicine   as a possible career choice, but it wasn’t until I volunteered at a clinic and watched my first surgery that I was   hooked! I graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon in 2012, and immediately   gained a position at the Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic covering a year-long maternity leave. One year became   three, after which I moved back to Saskatoon while my husband completed his schooling. Once we were finished in   the prairies, I was fortunate enough to return to the Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic, practicing such high-quality   medicine and care.

 My veterinary interests continue to expand daily, but currently include behavioural medicine, dermatology and   nutrition. At heart I am still that kid who wants to bring every animal home, and currently have: three cats,   Heinrich, Finnegan, and Nicholas; an Australian cattle-dog cross (who is my constant inspiration for my interest in   behavioural issues), Surrey; and my horse, Silk. In my spare time I enjoy reading, travelling, photography, yoga,   painting and of course horse-back riding.