This handout contains important information for achieving and maintaining a happy, healthy life for your companion bird.


Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic fully supports Behaviour Enrichment for any captive bird.  We encourage you to enrich your bird’s life with safe toys and foraging strategies.  Not only will this stimulate your bird’s brain, but it will help prevent feather destructive behaviour, obesity & boredom.


Please visit the websites below for more up to date information. 


The Parrot Enrichment Activity Books

Here you will fine links to two books available for download


Avian Enrichment

This site has information on the emotional, instinctual & physical needs of captive birds



This site contains general information on Foraging Behaviour and Foraging toys


Birds Just Want To Have Fun

Here you will find a wide selection of Foraging toys

Captive Foraging on Livejournal

This website takes you to a blog and video clips on instructions on helping you to teach your captive bird how to forage for food & how to encourage play with Foraging toys.


Good Bird Inc

Free Ebook on training your bird to take oral medication